Rituals and habits of creatives

Yesterday I received a nice book from someone I love very much and who knows me very well. It’s about rituals and habits of successful artists and creatives. After all, having some kind of rhythm is crucial to being creative, even though this is often the exact opposite of the free and somewhat chaotic characteristics of an artist.

I also have such a love-hate relationship with rhythm. I used to believe that all spontaneity and creativity comes from the day and yourself, and I would resist any kind of rhythm. Meanwhile, I really do know better, even though I sometimes need to be reminded. Suddenly here is this book! With the book in my hands I ask myself: what rituals / rhythms do I really have to create successfully?

As soon as I stepped into my studio this morning, I knew the first one. It’s always the first thing I do when I walk in there: put on a large pot of coffee with my coat still on. I do this because I like it, but there’s another reason that might be even more important. It’s the smell of the coffee: this helps me come into a mood that is very nice. Cozy, warm, calm. All the pressures of the day fall right off my shoulders and make way for a “happy attack”: I am excited about the day and I feel happy.

This made me very aware of what my success is: being able to do what makes me most happy, all day. Making art with a story. That is how I make the world a nicer place. I cause amazement, turmoil, awareness and a blissful feeling for myself. Who knows what this brings to other people! What it really all comes down to, is emotions. In my opinion, emotions are the greatest part of the human being and at the same time, its greatest challenge.  

Oh, and sometimes I make coffee just for the smell of it 😉

Have a great day!