For years, I played the role that was expected of me. I had a decent job, beautiful kids and a happy marriage; you could say I had it all. Still, I was unhappy. Feeling stuck, unmotivated and almost lifeless, I struggled to find my place in the world. When I hit rock bottom, sitting on the couch crying my eyes out while my daughter sang along with the happiest song on TV, I knew something had to change.

I wanted to live an authentic life! I decided to change gears completely, quit my job and focused on being happy. I found my happiness in making different kinds of art. As I explored my abilities as an artist, I soon realized that my art could be more than just a way of expressing myself. The pieces I created were making people reflect on themselves and the world in a way they never had before! This sparked something new in me: I started considering the possibilities of making art that would make the world a better place.

What if I made art that would make people more open to and perceptive of the world around them? What if I could make art that questions the way we do things, the things we consider normal, the things we take for granted?

This way, I could combine my natural incline to question everything; my talent for making art and my dream of helping people see the world from a different perspective. I decided to go for it, quit my job and became a full-time artist.I hope that sharing my art and my story inspires others to search for their own path to happiness. I really do believe that we can change the world through art and I love that I get to do my part in that.

When I decided to follow my passion I became a better mom, a happier wife. I often tell this story because I know it can inspire you to follow that spark that lives somewhere deep down inside you, too. I hope that my art will bring you joy, as it brings me all the joy I have ever wanted.

This is who I want to be: a rebel, a questioner and an artist. This is me at my best.

“Changing the world through Art”