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Adventure and freedom

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Adventure and freedom When 2 of your core values are adventure and freedom and you have a dream, you have to take action. Otherwise, it will always remain a dream and never come true. That is why we introduced our kids to traveling in an oldtimer Volkswagen campervan on a mini-road trip. This is the epitome of adventure and freedom, if you ask me. They loved it. Mission accomplished! On to the next, small step. What is your dream? Let me know below this post, I’d like to hear from you!

New York tears collection

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The story behind my new collection Suddenly, almost everyone I know is afraid of a terrorist attack. They say: “it’s hitting very close to home now…” Not only fear, but anger is also rising and even our children are afraid. Every time I saw the news, I was scared, angry or worried. I felt down and therefore decided not to consume any more news. I wondered what we really need “the news” for, anyway? Who benefits from it? Which interests are involved? Is the news that I see neutral… or is it tainted in a way? My new collection consists of mixed media paintings and objects. The news is the base for my art. Each artwork presents a collage of the news by means of international newspapers. By painting over them, the bad news becomes harder to see. However, the colors I use also represent the colored image of the …

Rituelen en gewoontes van creatieven

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Rituals and habits of creatives Yesterday I received a nice book from someone I love very much and who knows me very well. It’s about rituals and habits of successful artists and creatives. After all, having some kind of rhythm is crucial to being creative, even though this is often the exact opposite of the free and somewhat chaotic characteristics of an artist. I also have such a love-hate relationship with rhythm. I used to believe that all spontaneity and creativity comes from the day and yourself, and I would resist any kind of rhythm. Meanwhile, I really do know better, even though I sometimes need to be reminded. Suddenly here is this book! With the book in my hands I ask myself: what rituals / rhythms do I really have to create successfully? As soon as I stepped into my studio this morning, I knew the first one. It’s …

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