– Upcoming 15 sept-

Galerie Blauwdruck, Groupexhibition Interspace!, (Zwolle, Netherlands)

– Galerie Sous Terre, Kunstbeurs van Noord Brabant 21,22,23 june (The Netherlands)

– Nominated design, Etna contest

– Frame.de.Galerie, 6 april t/m 12 may, Groupexhibition ‘Lonely hearts’ (Amersfoort, the Netherlands))

– Opname kunstwerk in de kerncollectie van het Liemers museum.

– Liemers Museum


– Liemers Museum

– The chelsea International fine art competition


– Toon (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

– Gallery Salon West, dec 2016-april 2017(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

– Solo Exhibition Stadsbrouwerij (Zevenaar, the Netherlands)


– Rotterdam International Art Fair, the Netherlands

– Gallery Salon West, dec 2016-april 2017, (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


– Commissined Wall painting, Amsterdam Art Hotel (the Netherlands)

– Duo Exhibition, Kunst kerk (Aerdt, the Netherlands)

– Art shirts by Ekskwizit


– life Paint, Amsterdam Art Hotel (the Netherlands)

– Hotel Brooklyn (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

– NH City Centre (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


– Group Exhibition Eurovision Songfestival (malmo, sweden)

– Hilton Slussen (stockholm, sweden)

– Hilton Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)

-On the cover of the book European Contemporary artist’s 2013/2014

– NH Schiphol Airport

– Solo Exhibition Next to the works of Herman Brood, Amsterdam Art Hotel (the Netherlands)


– Live paint dutch Television (RTL 4)

– Painting for Dance for Life

– NH Naarden (the Netherlands)