New art on brused aluminium

New art on fine art paper

New York Tears Collection

Urban Art Collection

My art gives spaces a fresh look, a different point of view, a soul. My paintings bring color and authenticity into the spaces and lives of people they meet. Each piece tells a story. My art inspires and brings character to a room.

Each one of my artworks tells the story of subjects that intrigue me. I learned early on in my creative career that letting go of expectations and clear ideas of what a piece should look like gives me much more freedom to explore, leading to more interesting results. I hope that my art inspires you to look at the world from a new perspective, broadening your horizon with new ideas and possibilities.

When you bring my art home, it offers a voice. It tells the story of what you stand for in life and is a great conversation starter. It brings color into your life and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

“Changing the world through art”

I believe that my art has the power to

– bring joy and happiness

– make you think about yourself and the world around you

– let you view the world from a different perspective

– ensure interesting, meaningful conversations

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